Managing operations with 3D Safety

3D Safety is used by businesses, not just projects,  to manage their daily operations.

From manufacturing, plant hire, building maintenance, fleet management, labour hire and many more. We're now helping business improve their productivity and compliance across business-as-usual operations.

The largest construction, infrastructure and mining projects in Australia/New Zealand use 3D Safety. Through this, thousands of contractors and businesses are introduced to 3D Safety every day and see the tremendous benefits it delivers.

Borne in the most complex operations in the world, now 3D Safety gives you the capability to digitally transform your business and extend these powerful features into your operations.

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3D Safety empowers BHP's Mt Arthur Coal to deploy, track and manage vehicle trauma kits across their fleet.  They maintain audit checks, automated expiration notifications, location tracking, and stock management across thousands of vehicles.


Powerful, Paperless...and simple solutions




Manage your plant across multiple project sites - from pre-starts, maintenance schedules, real-time fault reporting and certifications.



Inducting your workers and sub-contractors into your operations. Ensuring they have the right training & certifications, record observations, pre-starts and tool box management and site access.  



Align your systems of work into an automated system that changes behaviour to deliver safer and better outcomes. 


Use Cases

Plant Hire

A plant hire company can use 3D Safety to carry out certification compliance and expiry notifications, pre-start checks, usage hours, observation and fault reporting. Giving head office real-time data from the their 8 project sites across the country. Fault severity is sent to the right people to triggers action based responses. 3D Safety links with their asset management software to auto-schedule work orders, and PowerBI dashboards to track plant usability. All with 3D Safety! 

WSA BE CPB Image-1


Building maintenance



A service company can use 3D Safety "People" for site access, induction and training to manage their employee access and certifications. Supervisors use it to record observations from each client site they maintain. They have multiple contractors coming and going, so the 3D Safety app is used by all contractors - giving the client full visibility, compliance and awareness, of all people, anytime. 


As a contractor that works on multiple sites and has a number of workers active at any one time -  it's difficult to keep certification, competency and training qualifications up-to-date. 

Plus, with the multitude of equipment they use from plant, tools to PPE - it's hard to keep track and becomes expensive. 

3D Safety plugs this gap with our People application, which has equipment sign-out capability at the tap of a phone, plus all the certification/qualification documents and expiry notifications. 

Desktop - Confidence



Multiple Project sites

Work on multiple sites? No problem. Create a number of projects - whether they are your own or you're contracting to another project. Easily track your people and plant no matter where they are. 

Manage Sub Contractors

If you employ contractors, they can easily sign up to your project in 3D Safety and are engaged seamlessly as your own workforce. 

Simple subscription

Low-cost simple subscription for your business and worker base. Get access to the full feature set - no upsells, no hidden costs. 

3D Safety Projects

Easily deploy to any project where 3D Safety is used. All your workers and plant and related information transfer to the project at the push of a button. As we expand across the largest projects and operations, our customer network joins us for the ride!

3D Intelligence

All your onsite data captured is pushed in real-time to our centralised web application- giving accurate insights and compliance tracking. Take it a step further and use our open API's  and integrate with any of your internal systems.

Go Paperless

Remove the ambiguity of information and resource-heavy paper trail by digitally transforming your processes and systems of work. 

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