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Prestarts, Inspections and Observations

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Using our experience onsite, 3D Safety is transforming a basic compliance function into a value-add process which improves productivity, reduces repair wait times and assists teams to identify gaps.

This allows you to see if workers haven't attended a prestart each morning or where plant items are not being utilised.


  • Set the agenda each day for the different teams onsite
  • See who is onsite and who has attended a prestart
  • Simple process for your teams to follow
  • Document upload by workers

Plant Prestarts:

  • Simple checklists make it easy for operators to complete using mobile apps
  • Records are saved into the database instantly -no more paperwork
  • Plant owners and managers are alerted to any repairs or maintenance issues identified

Inspections and audits:

  • Align 3D Safety to your systems of work simply and improve governance with documentation created in the field
  • Assign and track actions to ensure accountability
  • Complete issue and incident management life cycle keeps auditors happy


  • Quickly record an issue onsite
  • Assign it to someone with a due date for close out
  • Track progress and follow up




When you are on top of your processes,

success follows.


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