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Manage Worker Training and Certificates

3D Safety changes the process of managing Competencies and Qualifications

3D Safety provides an easy way to manage tickets, training certificates, qualifications and licences for your workers in one place.

Get in control so you can plan ahead and be confident your worker competencies and training are up to date.

Electronic documents are stored in a secure, cloud-based environment, reducing the time it takes to complete laborious processes, such as inductions and workplace diversity reports.

Manage Approvals to operate machinery and Authorisations to perform high risk work by mapping requirements and evidence needed by your workers.

Get reminders when qualifications, training, licences or competencies need to be updated so you can plan training and budgets.

3D Safety provides reports to help manage your workforce including workplace diversity and skills.

Perform Verifications of Competency using mobile applications in the field.

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