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Safety compliance and productivity in one app

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From federal government to local councils, managing multiple sites with thousands of employees using a huge array of equipment can be a challenge when it comes to safety and productivity management.

The 3D Safety app gives you real time visibility by automating safety processes to drive compliance, tracking plant usage and maintenance, and getting you the data you need in real time to drive productivity. Problem solved... in one application!

The insights 3D Safety provides makes it so much easier to manage production because I can see who is onsite in real time. If progress is slipping, I can see where we need additional resources and get on the front foot to get more guys onto site straight away.
Project Director
Westbourne Constructions

Making safety compliant

Reduce the risk of accidents and non-compliance by embedding your processes into the 3D Safety app. This leads to enhanced safety behaviours – where everyone is made actively aware of safety procedures and processes via; online inductions, orientations and training. It’s real time visibility that’s easy to monitor and manage; You now have a process driven safety management system in one.

Training Image
Digital process

Reduce your equipment costs

3D Safety seamlessly integrates your Plant & People systems. It tracks and improves usage across all equipment assets - less idle time, more effective planned and unplanned maintenance, and remove unused assets. It also lowers people costs / higher productivity - fewer people required, less paperwork; less idle time of people to get them on the job faster.

Remove paper and administration

Remove paper with an easy single interface. Onboarding, induction, training, site access, equipment usage are all done via 3D Safety app. This gives government lower costs of compliance with real time electronic storage and trail of data, and ability to easily manage people and equipment in the field.

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The Southern Program Alliance comprising Acciona, Coleman Rail, WSP and Metro Trains Melbourne, engaged 3D Safety across the entire project, including our ground-breaking COVID testing application. Read more

Southern Program Alliance - LXRP
Acciona Coleman WSP MTM Alliance

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