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Plant Management

Manage your plant with a simple, effective system which is accessible to everyone.

3D Safety understands that plant operators, managers and owners all play different roles in ensuring plant items are maintained properly, fit for purpose and safe on site which is why our solution works and is identified in audits as an asset to businesses which use it.

3D Safety's approach to plant management includes an online plant document and management database. Plant records (documentation) and plant information is maintained by the plant team. It is all online and reduces (if not eliminates) handling of paperwork needed to evidence due diligence and adherence to safe systems of work.

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Onboarding plant:

  • Document upload by plant owner
  • Documentation reviewed online
  • Site Inspection performed in the field on a mobile
  • Issue Plant ID Sticker with a QR Code

Managing plant:

  • Daily prestart performed with mobile app
  • Notify owners and site contacts if maintenance required or issue identified
  • Track utilisation and maintenance schedules

Offboarding plant:

  • Capture photos showing plant condition when it leaves site
  • Eliminate disputes by recording plant condition each time it leaves or enters site

Finding plant to bring back to site:

  • Find plant which is approved and has maintenance records up to date, ready for site
  • Get plant which is fit for purpose

Want to make plant management a little easier?

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