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3D Safety delivers productivity gains and risk mitigation

I had an experienced site foreman in his late 50's come up to me at a mutual friend's wedding and show me how good the 3D Safety app is.  That tells you all you need to know about 3D Safety's insights and accessibility.

Senior Project Engineer
From a business perspective, having consistency and visibility across projects is a game changer.  We are able to benchmark outcomes and focus on areas which require attention because the information is in our hands.
Project Manager
Lendlease Building
The efficiency 3D Safety delivers for managing worker onboarding on the project is delivering significant savings and makes management of the personnel much easier and more effective.
HSE Manager

Optimising productivity means $$ to the bottom line

Improving efficiency
by getting on the job quicker

Save 2.5 hours onboarding each worker

Replacing paper based Safety audits with electronic data capture not only reduces time and administration, but creates insight driven improvements

14 days down to 2 days per month

Improving Plant utilisation and making it a KPI is transformative.

Real time usage is pushed to a management dashboard, allowing fast decisions to eliminate waste and inefficiency.

890% ROI
$3.5m savings

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Mitigating risk means less downtime and speed of response

Making safety quick, effective and transparent. Managing your workforce, plant and site day-to-day lets you know what's happening and who is where in real time!

Worker location and

time onsite in real time

Ticking boxes for all the compliance, orientation, onboarding, communication and evacuation procedures.

200+ people evacuated and accounted for in minutes




of our clients say communication has improved between project staff and contractors

Increase worker


of our clients say they now know who’s on site and what they are doing



of our clients tell us inducting workers on multiple projects is quick and effective

Recent Projects


3D Safety implemented site access management across 26 sites and 59 zones to deliver real-time insights for over 25,000 workers during the project.

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Citylink Tulla Widening Project

$300m Tullamarine Freeway widening project between Melbourne Airport and Bulla Road.

Australian Technology Park - Building 1

Australian Technology Park redevelopment in inner-city Sydney.

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