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Managing Plant, People and Process in a challenging environment

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In the Mining, Oil & Gas industries, the provision of equipment and people can be risky when you don’t have eyes and ears on the ground. 3D Safety’s platform gives you the visibility you need to effectively manage on-site plant equipment, and the people that manage them.

3D Safety’s real-time safety reporting makes it easy for you and your clients to meet contractual safety and compliance obligations, while on-site plant updates provide a single source of truth allowing both parties to stay in the loop and avoid costly dispute resolutions.

The insights 3D Safety provides makes it so much easier to manage production because I can see who is onsite in real time. If progress is slipping, I can see where we need additional resources and get on the front foot to get more guys onto site straight away.
Project Director
Westbourne Constructions

One stop

Fix your fragmented systems of work across all sites. Our solution is fully integrated for people, plant and process all in one place, all with single sign on, all in one database, all on one app.

Digital process
Observation Inspections

Plant inspections with ease

Streamlining multiple plant inspections with real time scanning and reporting, reducing down time and improving real time information.

Set your workers for success

Remove paper with an easy single interface. Designed with the worker in mind - and the leaders that make the decisions.

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Multi-site real time visibility

Improve your decision making with access to real time data integrated with the most powerful reporting tools enabling quicker and more effective decisions that save money and lives.

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Over 25,000 workers using the 3D Safety application saved the project millions with an ROI of 860% "The investment in 3D Safety was recouped many times over within the first 12 months of the project.

Safety Director

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