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Site Access Solutions

3D Safety offers a range of Site Access Solutions that cover everything from small remote sites to high-rise developments through to mega horizontal civil projects.

3D Safety will produce, configure, deliver, manage and maintain your access hardware and software - your one point of contact

We provide all the hardware and software - integrating it to your 3D Safety system - helping you centrally and remotely manage onsite access at the scan of a card!


Plug & Play - mobile gate access solution

Self-contained shipping containers transportable to any site...quickly!

Our 3D Safety system is already fully configured with control boxes & scanners - all linked to your 3D Safety instance. Need to move it? Just pick it up and plug it in.  Deliver, set, and forget



The most accurate and safest integrated gate system on the market.

Linked to the 3D System, you can manage your access list whilst the gate manages worker access by scanning their cards. Simple, Safe. Accurate!



Pedestrian Gates

Being the easiest solution to install, these gates are perfect when you need to control access to areas such as site office spaces or at-risk areas within your operation.

Easily delivered and configured for any site large and small. 

Turnstile 1


Boom Gates

Integrating 3D Safety into our boom gate solution allows you to control those parts of the site requiring vehicle and plant access. 

Create an access list in 3D Safety for each access point. This can change daily or set and forget - but it's easily centrally managed, or by your supervisors in the field. Flexible and simple. 

Mag auto boom gate


Control Boxes

All of our gate solutions are electronically controlled and managed.

Each gate comes with a local controller. These link back to a single master controller, allowing you to manage all site access entry points from one place...and one system - 3D Safety.



Retro-fit and Tag board solution

You already have controlled security and safety access points.

Our team can easily retro-fit any access point with our electronic hardware - control boxes, scanners - plus full integration to your 3D Safety instance.

Electronic Tagboards provide simple and failsafe solutions for sites where workers move freely between zones or commence at a centralised point and move to different work zones on a project.

Barclay Road New


Heat detection cameras

Our COVID test tracking solution is deployed across several 3D Safety sites, using heat scanners to detect faces and takes skin-surface temperature without identity authentication.

Our scanners integrate with 3D Safety site access solutions including turnstiles and gates.

A simple solution where site shut down due to COVID can be mitigated. 

heat scanner


Mobile Applications

Our 3D Safety Mobile applications enable projects to mark workers onsite or offsite. Workers use cards for each access point.

Desktop Kiosk

3D Safety offers a Desktop Kiosk Solution which enables workers and visitors to sign on and off a project.

Free-standing Kiosk

The free-standing kiosk is best suited to office environments where visitors and clients are frequently onsite.

Know who is onsite in real time, all the time.


Integrated site access solutions

3D Safety has you covered for emergency situations, with quick access to site lists and information as well as communication and alert tools is critical.


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