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3D Safety for Principal Contractors

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Onboarding and Workforce Management

3D Safety manages onboarding of people and plant so it is consistent, simple and efficient. This enables teams to spend more time in the field observing and influencing behaviour and less time shuffling paper. Simple.



3D Safety transforms projects:

Removing duplication of people, plant and process documentation

Allowing workers to perform online orientations, streamlining delivery of information about corporate policies, project rules and environmental objectives

Ensuring workers arriving on site are already onboarded so they can be productive from the moment they attend the site specific induction

Providing pre-qualified worker and plant records online showing review status and making requirements visible and simple to fulfil

Streamlining Plant onboarding for Hire Companies and contractor plant items - paperless completion of pre-hire and inspection forms

Delivering paperless solutions for activities such as toolbox talks and prestarts via mobile applications

Creating relevant and current information online making audits efficient and targeted

Giving the right information to supervisors and the leadership team when they need it

Technical specification

Download our summary with the technical specifications of the 3D Safety system and discover all of its capabilities.


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