Feature: PowerBI & 3D Intelligence

Mar 4, 2022 3:45:16 PM / by 3D Safety

3D Safety already has some powerful reporting capabilities natively built into the platform. But what if you want to merge the data with your wider data ecosystem?

3D Intelligence

Our team of data gurus and developers have designed a highly intelligent and easy-to-use feature set  - giving our clients the ability to use the data when they want and how they want.

We call it 3D Intelligence.

Solutions Simple Open API: accessible and configurable on our platform by our client teams
Graphql GraphQL: Leverage resources in a simple, programmatic way using GraphQL architecture.  The API endpoints are intuitive and powerful.


Security: 3D Safety employs what many consider the industry standard for API authentication - OAuth 2.0


We have unlocked the power in our data with integrations with the worlds leading data tool, PowerBI.

3D Safety data from the coal face can be pushed to PowerBI in real-time, giving supervisors, management, executive and Board level visualisations and insights to enable effective and timely decision making.

Now integrate this with your internal data such as HR, Finance, Plant Management - you can really unlock the power of 3D Safety!




Talk to our team about how we can create some 3D Intelligence for your business. 

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