3D Safety COVID-19 Tracker with the Southern Program Alliance

Jul 19, 2021 2:06:10 PM / by 3D Safety

Reducing downtime due to outbreaks, fast evacuation, and reduced risk of infected workers onsite on the multi-billion dollar SPA project.

Each morning, approximately 400 construction workers at the Victorian Government’s signature level crossing project run by the Southern Program Alliance remove their face masks, placing them into QR coded, ziplocked bags.

Within six hours each worker receives an SMS informing them if they have tested positive or negative to COVID-19.

After listening to the concerns of the Victorian Government and site managers across the state, 3D Safety helped develop the technology solution for Acciona to identify COVID-19 in asymptomatic workers, reducing the time infected workers were on site and limiting potential COVID-19 exposure to the workforce.


”…screening could be expanded across the construction industry to enable workers to safely move between sites… ”Bede Noonan
Managing Director, Acciona Infrastructure

Smart, affordable technology built by people who know your industry.

3D Safety developed the ‘Test Tracker’ feature on the 3D Safety mobile platform to link the mask to the worker before it was sent to the lab for testing.

Once the test results are available, the lab uploads the test ID and result to the 3D Safety database, where the result is matched to the worker.

Workers with a negative result receive an SMS message via the 3D Safety platform within six hours.  Any workers who are deemed high risk as a result of the test are contacted by medical professionals so testing and an action plan can be put in place.

The 3D Safety COVID Test Tracker is affordable, easy to implement and the real-time functionality means workers are advised of their results the same day they submitted the mask for testing.

This reduces the crucial window of time that asymptomatic workers can unknowingly spread the virus.



  • Over 400 workers on SPA were tested daily
  • Mask collection and linking the sample to each worker was done in 2 minutes onsite
  • 6-hour positive test notification window
  • Realtime reporting and worker messaging


  • Acciona and the SPA Project leading by example
  • Reduced downtime due to outbreaks
  • Stress-free operating during COVID
  • Reduced risk of infected workers onsite

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