Compliance Update

Improved CoR Reporting

Nov 2, 2022 4:48:54 PM / by 3D Safety

As part of our continuous improvement strategy at 3D Safety, we are updating some of the information you can capture for transport and logistic items of plant.

We have made changes to the meta-data fields for some items of plant including Truck and Dog Trailer combinations, Multi combination vehicles, Low loader, Semi-trailers and Stag trailer combinations.

Users can now provide additional data including:

  1. Trailer Registration Number;
  2. Trailer Tare Weight; and
  3. Trailer GVM.

This change will assist parties to meet Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Mass Management and Combination Identification requirements which are being introduced by many clients delivering mega-projects across the country.  We are seeing lessons learned being transitioned into firm actions and we anticipate this change will assist our clients to stay ahead of the game.

3D Safety is committed to delivering common sense solutions so we consulted with key stakeholders and settled on this approach to streamline the process for administrators and compliance teams - there is no need to create separate records for truck and trailer combinations on projects.mark-of-trust-certified-ISOIEC-27001-black-logo-En-GB-1019 [Recovered]



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