Projects are king… but are they really?

Oct 14, 2020 7:09:55 PM / by 3D Safety

Principal contractors and their project management teams are accountable for project performance. Not only are they accountable in a financial sense to their employer and clients, but also in a legal sense for the safety and welfare of workers under their control.

Project leaders and their teams refine their approach through experience over time. This enables them to maintain control and in many cases, absolute control. Processes and procedures evolve to address tactical issues and can become so refined, they can become personal management systems of the project managers themselves.

The ongoing pursuit of productivity gains without compromise on safety and quality by projects means management teams can lose perspective because they treat projects as projects and not business as usual.

If projects are king in your organisation, are projects left to come up with their own solution to the same problems faced by every project?

The next time a project performance issue presents itself, consider how many different ways your organisation has dealt with it before. People say projects are king... but are they really?

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