Feature: Photo Snapshot Report

Mar 4, 2022 4:43:16 PM / by 3D Safety

One of our most popular features, as voted by customers, is the real-time upload of site activity photos. Each image is captured by workers during routine observations, pre-starts, audits, incidents or fault reporting.

On some of our larger projects, with 25,000 workers on the system, it can equate to a decent volume! So we have designed unique filters and display formats to give supervisors and management a simple view of project activity at any one time. 

  • Beyond just data: gives users a visual of what is happening on site.

  • Real-Time: media is pushed to the cloud and available instantaneously.

  • Global access: Any site, anywhere.

  • Visual Insights: Images give you a clearer picture. 

  • Simple auto-tagging/filtering according to date/time/location/type of observation and user.

Our office is separated from our main worksite, so every morning, between meetings, I can see the project pulse, check what's happening onsite and monitor progress ... and make a few quick calls if I have to! 

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